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Alex Strunz

"Vector Commander Live Act - techno brazilian"

Male 43 years old
Sao Paulo

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Vector Commander Live Act - Alex Strunz Project


Vector Commander is the oficial techno project of DJ Alex Strunz, consisting of techno music without fronteer and fusions of different and variety of styles.

The format of his live pa, follows an analogic direction into Techno, having several influences in Electro, Industrial/EBM without any boundaries and always with the live intervention being its key issue.

English Release:

Vector Commander – Dj Alex Strunz Project – Release 2007


Dj Alex Strunz always liked electronic music, since the beginning by groups like New Order, Front 242 and Depeche Mode.

The Vector Commander project begun in 2002, at the time a mix of Techno and EBM (Electronic Body Music) and its constant industrial influences in his music.

Productions that influenced his EBM styles are: Front Line Assembly, A Split Second, Project Pitchfork, Nitzerebb, Front 242 and several Techno dj such as: Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Sven Vath, Thomas P. Heckmann, Terence Fixmer, Christian Varella, Dave Clake, Adam Beyer, Ritchie Hawtin.

The “Detroit Strunz” piece was first done on vinyl by the seal ‘Brasil with S 002’ (Ep-2002), having also other dj performances by: Murphy (Brasil with S/ Definition Records) and Philip Braunstein (Dark House/Brasil with S/ Superbra). The same year was also one independent collection having 11 titles and some special participants.

Halfway through 2005 The Vector Commander project was changed to reach new fusions and sonorities leaving behind the analogical sound, but keeping always the Dark dancing atmosphere.

Towards the end of 2005, caused by a deep research in experiences, new equipment and a new technology appeared in his LIVE PA with analogical lines but without any boundaries and always with live intervention as a key factor. Thus was incorporated new effects, vocoders in live situation by Alex Strunz creating a real Techno show.

From this time onwards, his LIVE PA has not stopped and he has been in several parties, clubs and Techno raves having at his sides Djs like: Speedy J, Iningo Kennedy, Vince Watson, Dan Physics, Ade Fenton. He has also been in Brazilian festivals and European Webradios in different countries.

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favourite artists & labels

Speedy J, Chris Liebing, front 242, Terence Fixmer, Nitzerebb