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Welcome to undiscovered.

Here's a few pointers I've lumped together for getting yourself settled into the site.

Let's start at the heart of matters .. your profile.

My profile

Click on My profile to see your (empty) profile. The menu next to your user name is where you can edit various aspects of your profile. Account settings is the main area where you are able to do such things as update your password, email address, notifications, upload an avatar, edit your profile text etc.

Introduce yourself

After your profile looks snazzy, don't forget to introduce yourself to the undiscovered community and find out who your buddy's are going to be Eye-wink

Earn some coin

On undiscovered we have introduced site currency we call coin. You can earn coin by participating on the site. Read what activities earns you coin.

NOTE: If you are a subscriber you are exempt from coin

So what do I need coin for?

It costs 30 coin for every upload. This includes mixes, singles, remixes and competition entries.

Uploading / adding music to the site

Once you've got enough coin you may Contribute -> Music and upload or link to a mix, remix, or single to the site. It will be displayed on your profile and be available for other members to listen to, download, stream and review.

IMPORTANT: 3 ways to add music to the site

  1. Upload and mp3 file directly to the site
  2. Link to a remote mp3 file directly. The link must be to an mp3 file ending in .mp3
  3. Link to a remote file share space or zip file, other web page etc such as megaupload, rapidshare et.

Creating a DJ Chart

On the left column of your profile page, there's a link to add or edit your DJ chart. Clicking that link will allow you to create a chart of your favourite tracks. You don't need to fill in all 10 spaces but at least a couple would be a good start. Your latest chart will be displayed on your profile page. You can see older chart by visiting the DJ chart section from the right side menu.

Creating a gallery

You are also able to upload image galleries to the site. Each gallery consists of up to 20 images each and is displayed on it's own page. The first image you upload to a gallery will be the thumbnail show in your profile.

Getting help

If you get stuck, drop a post a reply here or send me a private message

Thanks for registering on Undiscovered and we all look forward to hearing your music!