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tha club

djanthonykirby great little mix!!
looks like your not worthy of a
comment on your mix i thought this
is a site for music lovers,oh thats right
it is.if your in mister J.C's cum club!!


Sat, 29/01/2011 - 10:49pm
Go ahead and make a comment

Go ahead and make a comment then wanx... You really need to wank something, or someone, you don't have enough braincells to muster even a smart comment - "err you have to be in J.Cs cum club or somefink" what a toss pot you really are - all the respectful djs on this site are just that...All you seem to amount to is one-liners, and i'm sure anthony appreciated your "Yeah man this first track is tha bomb...." bullshit. Well what other critique will you pay him, anything about his musicianship, or mixing style, or genre selection... Nope.
Your type have all come and gone on this website, so keep trawling for love wanx, why don't you try your luck on you may get a comment, and you may get some love... seems like that's exactly what's missing in your life, poor little wanx... What a tosser!

Sun, 30/01/2011 - 7:16am
Dan James
in reply to: Go ahead and make a comment
dj wanks get it?

dj wanks get it?

Sun, 30/01/2011 - 10:02pm
in reply to: dj wanks get it?
split personalities.. you

split personalities.. you two should get a room -

Ahh but now i see, all these dicks on here with split personalities log on with other pseudonyms and then try and be cool..

Mon, 31/01/2011 - 10:01am
in reply to: split personalities.. you
i dont love him

i dont love him

Mon, 31/01/2011 - 9:12pm
Djwanx and every other

Djwanx and every other jerkoff
Stop wasting your time, life is short.
Put your life in perspective
Recognize that there are billions of people struggling through life in 3rd world countries full of disease and poverty, whilst you sit there on your computer wasting your time, trying to be some kind of cyberbully - whilst you waste your life away, you are so selfish not too even consider those that would give anything to have access to money, fresh food, running water, and [b]a life.

Give up your petty wining and give back to the world - The world deserves you to do something with your life - The least you could do is waste it by picking on me

Tue, 01/02/2011 - 11:08am
Dan James
in reply to: Djwanx and every other
wanx was born due to the

wanx was born due to the fact that at the time there were a few real
tossers on here and you were not one of them and honestly i really don't think you are
i had a blow up because i thought you were being ignorant and only participating in a
select circle on here,well i apologise with sincerity to you and anyone else i've offended undeservedly
as for giving back to the world i do in the way of coaching under 8's&9's football (soccer) every winter
as for helping the more less fortunate i give what i can when i can as i'm sure you do too!