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Top 5 Tracks that changed your life?

We all started our obsession for electronic music at some point in our lives. So what sounds changed your life? I'm interested in what your all-time favourite tracks are, and also what experience changed your life (event, party, dj, festival, concert, whether chemically induced or not).
Top 5 tracks, and year you fell for electronic music...


Sat, 15/01/2011 - 11:02am
Starting in the rave scene,

Starting in the rave scene, my Top 5 Tracks would have to be:
Usura - Open Your Mind
Felix - Don't you want me
Ultrasonic - Obsession
Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny
Force Mass Motion - Panic

Early Parties which changed my life - Prodigy and Utopia

Party which i will never forget - Danny Tenaglia's side show New years 1998

Tue, 25/01/2011 - 12:06pm
Luke Lawrence
in reply to: Starting in the rave scene,
In no particular

In no particular order...

Thomas Bangalter - Together
The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia
Paul Van Dyk - Tell Me Why (The Riddle)
Hybrid - Finished Symphony
Lost Tribe - Game Master

The first real dance party I attended and changed everything was in Melbourne at a club that used to be called "QBH" - it was a Slinky event. That night made me want to be a DJ.

I will never forget the 2-day Gatecrasher rave in the early 2000's, and the 2007 (?) Godskitchen at which Gabriel & Dresden played.


Luke Lawrence
White Noise

Mon, 07/02/2011 - 4:59pm
in reply to: In no particular
Luke, i had a Slinky 3xCD

Luke, i had a Slinky 3xCD mix album back in 2000 it was in a Yellow Case, one of the best trance-tech trance cds i owned, but i lost it!!! Must see if i can purchase it somewhere again...
I also had a judge jules mix album which contained pretty much all those classic trance numbers you listed ther. I also recall a MoS Clubbers Guide to Ibiza circa 99 which had an amazing trance mix by judge jules too... The Sydney Gatecrasher in homebush bay around that time didnt get to the same dizzy heights the Melbourne gigs did.. Luck you and thanks for sharing.

Tue, 25/01/2011 - 10:09pm
rabbited on
Okay.... I've had a bit of a

Okay.... I've had a bit of a think about it and have come up with my top 5 tracks - but I've included the albums they are on as well, due to the fact that the whole compilations had an effect on my way of thinking in general.

I'm probably showing my age here, but here goes (in no particular order):

Mouse on Mars - Frosch from the album Vulvaland (loved the bassline and the rudimentary electronic sound scape - I'd been in to some psychedelic prog rock and stuff like that prior, but this track basically made me really fall in love with electronic music)

DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain from the album Endtroducing (although Building Steam with a Grain of Salt is a close second - perhaps the most influential album I own as far as changing my way of thinking about music and what I wanted from it)

Plastikman (aka: Richie Hawtin) - Plasticity from the album Sheet One (I fell in love also with Ock with its "we're all crazy" sample)

The Orb - Close Encounters from U.F.Orb - set the tone for acid prog for me

Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (is there anyone who hasn't been influenced by this track?? absolutely fantastic - organic - melodic - emotional...... it had everything for me back then. Still does in many ways)

These all range from around 1994 - 1996, two years which were really a defining point in my musical life as I experimented with acid quite a bit (I controlled myself by making the rule to leave at least 5 days between trips, and never trip for more than 2 days straight..... how responsible! Although oddly enough I didn't limit myself to the amount of acid I consumed during those 2 days....)

I was always one to go inside my mind when I tripped, and the combination of soul searching / mind expansion and these tracks just blew me away. It was the ultimate escapism. It created spaces and places in my mind that I never knew existed, and it formed ideas and cemented philosophies that I still carry with me. (And some f*cking cool colour shows as well!)

Woah.... gettin' a bit deep now. Thanks for asking JC!! That wee trip back in time is something I probably needed in a way.


Mon, 07/02/2011 - 5:10pm
in reply to: Okay.... I've had a bit of a
Respect to you McB, Papua

Respect to you McB, Papua New Guinea was an absolute classic, no to mention The Orbs influence on dance music alone... I too felt the carvings of samples which made DJ Shadows entroducing too - might play that one againn when i get home tonight - so unusual an album, yet it has such a space and place in the electronic music world...
Thanks for sharing, this has been most insightful...

Thining back, i may have neglected to mention herbie hancock in my appraisal of life changing electronic tunes

Wed, 09/02/2011 - 6:48pm
in reply to: Respect to you McB, Papua
Spiritual healing - the muses rapt (remix shiva shidapu)
This track really changed my music life... Replay on and on and on.....Trying to individualize every sinlge sound and melody...Brings back memories...

Sat, 09/04/2011 - 9:39pm
Top 5 tracks Placebo - Every

Top 5 tracks

Placebo - Every You, Every Me (Brothers in Rythem Mix)

Chemical Brothers - Out of Control (Sasha Remix)

Sasha - Expander Ep

Mauro Picotto - Baguette

Mauro Picotto - Pulsar

Have a similar answer to the prev response when it comes to nights that got me into electronic music. I was at QBH the night slinky toured. It was my first "rave", and seeing john kelly spin 3 hours of qaulity tunes really got me hooked.

Also Richie Hawtins Dex FX and 909 cd changed the way i looked at minimal techno and djaying altogether. He showed not only can the turntable be a musical intrument, but that minmal techno is made like a blank canvas, ready for the dj to show their artistic side!
The day after hearing that cd i started the long task of saving for decks Smiling

Sun, 10/04/2011 - 12:21am
Thanks for your input

Thanks for your input