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New Nobility-Rebel

Lets dart across the other side of the world now to meet a Rebel Riffs request, this time from a three piece band from Australia. New Nobility (there's a band in the name too but pfffttt) comprise of Maja St. Louis, Zoranic Munib, Krga Zoran, Sead Trnka and Juventus Kantat, none of which - you must admit - sound anything but Australian, but that's the beauty of this multicultural world of ours - what's in a name, right? It's the music that counts and judging by the labels rock and punk attached to them on Myspazz, it bodes well... It would be well to remind you guys of my thoughts on the differences between (say) UK rock and Antipodean rock (from Australia and New Zealand). There is a substantial body of rock music with that Antipodean sound and all very good it is too and - surprisingly enough - New Nobility - sound as English as they come.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not denigrating Antipodean rockers, just saying that their rock sound is different is all. Which is kinda strange considering that one of THE main English rock influences were AC/DC, arguably the most well known Australian band of all. While it doesn't have the relentless pop rock sensibility I usually associate with bands of this type, it's arrangement being a tad too intricate for the kind of nut-kicking joy this genre usually inspires. Nonetheless what it does show is something I have been aware of for some considerable time; Australia is a country creaking at the seems with talented, seasoned musicians of a very high calibre - even on an unsigned level.

Rebel Hero is an excellent piece of kickass rock in the time honored play loud fashion, helped enormously by a clean, clear mix and production that is as close to perfect as any I've heard, and at any volume. As always with this genre, it's the song that counts and Rebel Hero shows that New Nobility have a deft touch when it comes to putting out a song that is instantly familiar, yet as fresh as a daisy in spring. Great riffs, great hooks and a splendid production, I tell you what chums it doesn't come much better than this. As I say, while I can't quite get up to rave about this it's obvious that somewhere in their bag of tricks New Nobility will have a track that will achieve that objective.

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