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Eddie K

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I remember way back when I could barely walk, getting told off at a young age for playing drums on the pots and pans in the kitchen. After receiving a synth that year for my birthday I knew I wanted to do something with music. I took lessons in piano for a while, but grew frustrated because I wanted to play my own music - not other peoples. Fast forward through the years, past learning trombone, then guitar, then finding a love for drums, teaching myself to compose music on a DOS sequencer called Impulse Tracker, then releasing countless tracks in the demoscene through netlabels such as Total Eclipse, Mah Music, Orange, and Inflicted, beginning to DJ my tracks around Melbourne with the Fresh crew, eventually taking up studies in Jazz Improvisation, then Studio Recording Techniques, and you pretty much arrive at the present day.

With technology where it's at now, Digital DJ tools have advanced to the point where you can mix not just songs - but individual beats, riffs, and progressions, to mould together a sonic collage of your own.

favourite artists & labels

Chris Liebing, Eric Sneo, Sydney Blu, Simon Patterson, John O'Callaghan, Ticon, Felguk, Scott Attrill, Organ Donors, Kidd Kaos

Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, WetMusik, Simon Posford, Sasha, Jeff Mills, Frank Ellrich, Yoji Biomehanika


To quote Kyle Hall - "If hardware was a person, it'd be jealous of all the things that software can do so easily. But then, like, software would be insecure, because hardware's so stable. There's so much texture in hardware."

My studio is mostly software based, with the main programs being Ableton and Virtual Audio Cable to allow me to 'patch' various other audio apps in, using it (Ableton) as a virtual mixing console.

My laptop running Traktor is tweaked fully for 4 deck audio performance, with customized keyboard and midi mappings setup for my needs.

This in turn, is controlled by a Novation X-Station 49, which also acts as my laptops main sound device. An analog modelling synth, midi controller, and 24bit 48Khz USB sound card? Hell yeah Smiling

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