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Brad Smede - June 2007 // Mixed by Brad_Smede

Wed, 20/06/2007 - 10:52pm Style

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Brad Smede - June 2007

01. Martin Buttrich - Programmer [Planet E Communications]
02. Dominik Eulberg - Die Alpenstrandlaufer Von Spiekeroog [Traum]
03. Eyerer & Chopstick - Haunting (Gui Boratto Mix) [i0 Music]
04. Phonique - What I Fake (Sleeper Thief Mix) [Souvenir Music]
05. Lusine - Make It Easy (John Tejada Mix) [Ghostly International]
06. Moonbeam - Sunshine [Traum]
07. Minilogue - The Leopard (Extrawelt Mix) [Traum]
08. Justin Martin - The Sad Piano (Jimpster Remix) []
09. John Dahlback - Ooh Oh I E (Sebo K Mix) [Systematic]
10. Art of Tones - Praise (Remix) [2020 Vision Recordings]
11. D-Saw & Huntemann - Red Patches (Angy Mix) [Shallow Cutz]
12. Oxia Vs Ginos & Snake - Seven (Oxia Rework) [Notorious Electro Records]
13. Oliver Koletzki & Florian Meindl - Grandmothers Flash [FLASH]
14. Florian Meindl - Reality Is On The Way [FLASH]
15. Voltaxx & Lissat - Fruitmachine (Tigerskin Mix) [Kickin Records]
16. Stephan Bodzin - Liebe Ist... [Herzblut Recordings]
17. Gui Boratto - Xilo [Kompact]

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Fri, 22/06/2007 - 5:36am
good set.

Good set m8.

The first and second song could be mixed differently. With Dominiques intro, its sounds like you're mixing offkey (even though its not, I know), perhaps dropping Dom's track in a bit further into the track, after the intro pads stop.
A couple of hiccups in the transitions, but the track selection is choice.

Dig it m8. Keep on workin!




Fri, 22/06/2007 - 9:49pm
in reply to: good set.
04. Phonique - What I Fake

04. Phonique - What I Fake (Sleeper Thief Mix) [Souvenir Music]

Is the minimal remix of Greece 2000!!!!

Dont listen to Boeko Sticking out tongue I dug the first mix.

It's got a nice flow to it,although i think it's a tad long.
You've got some great tunes on there Brad, and it's fairly tight.
Good work mate.

Whats' the track at around 42.00

Sat, 23/06/2007 - 1:06am
cheers mate. 09. John

cheers mate.

09. John Dahlback - Ooh Oh I E (Sebo K Mix) [Systematic] drops in just before the 43rd minute clocks over.

Tue, 14/08/2007 - 11:26am
I love Phonique but

I love Phonique - What I fake (Sleeper Thief Mix) but, if you want to hear a minimal remix of Greece 2000
check www.mysapce.com/gustavobravetti, this guy made a great remix of greece 2000, I don't know if it is released yet.

A very funny think is that Phonique - What I fake (Sleeper Thief Mix) is the first track of his last DJ set, seems that gustavo like it too Smiling