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Nick Mcmartin

"Music dweller"

Darlinghurst, Sydney

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NICK MCMARTIN - Organic Audio ( WCIP / Disconnected Audio / Pinksilver )

Nick has always had a strong passion for many different styles of music, with his love for electronic sounds beginning in the late 90’s. In his early reckless party days he originally delved into the harder styles such as hard house/Hi nrg and trance, but during the last 5 years he’s taken to playing and producing techno, minimal tech house and house music.
After his early days of Djing, he made the decision to go onto study audio engineering in Sydney where he quickly realised music production was his real passion. Nicks first release came in 2009 with a remix for Emerson Todd, titled My Little Friend, on the brand new London label called We Come In Peace. The second release was in 2010, being invited to remix the very first release for the new Sydney label owned by Matt Goddard aka Dopamine. This invitation was truly an honour as he’d be remixing for Dopamine alongside ozzy great Deep Child. The next instalment in his production portfolio is due out in March 2011, where he was invited to contribute to the very first Pinksilver compilation alongside some of Australia's top artists.
Nick had his first international performance in 2010, at the Love Parade in Germany on the Pulse Radio float alongside a selection of Djs from around the world. He can also be heard locally at his own event, Organic Audio as well as various other parties and clubs around his home town of Sydney. His musical taste as well as his super tight and unique mixing style is the main reason why he is constantly booked to follow some of the superstars from around the globe that come to perform on our shores. Most recently with two separate appearances for Kontrast, Nick closed for Oliver Koletzki and then Vincenzo where he once again showed his crowd why he is considered one of the true driving forces in the Australian underground scene.

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