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"Everyone's a DJ with a mac book pro"

Victoria Point, Brisbane

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Mr Y2Kaliber, House and Dubstep DJ. If you read my headline, NO i'm not a fan of apple but it seems mac books are the way to go for easy DJ'ing. Anyway I make progressive dutch house and in the past have done some trance and dubstep. I hope my music inspires you or at the least want to use it at parties. If you do use my music feel free to let me know Smiling

favourite artists & labels

Deadmau5 has influenced me the most in terms of producing. His music sparked my love for house music.
Although Hilltop Hoods are hip hop artists not DJ's or make techno, listening to their music started my love for music and making my own.
After listening to a maximum bass album the first track Third Bass by Axel Coon influenced me wanting to make techno music.
And also Porter Robinson. After listening to his live mixes and studying how he DJ's I learn't a lot of skills on how to DJ myself.


My setup is poor consisting of 2 numark ttx turntables that I don't use and a cheap behringer 4 track mixer but I DJ with 2 laptops with virtual DJ. It gets the job done and I receive a positive reaction from the audience so I must be doing something right.

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